effective March 5, 2021

Rogers Funeral home continues to follow Kentucky's Healthy at Work covid-19 guidelines.

* All visitations and funerals held in the funeral home are currently limited to 60% of the building’s occupancy capacity, while also maintaining social distance of six feet for attendees. Funeral services in our facility are limited to 50 people, not including staff or clergy. Visitations will continue to be held with a "receiving line" format, with lingering and gathering discouraged.

* Attendees at outdoor services must maintain six feet of social distance if they are not of the same household. Attendees are, however, encouraged to stay in their vehicles. The number of attendees is not limited.

* Services held at churches or other event facilities are under the guidelines of those facilities.

* FACE COVERINGS ARE REQUIRED for funeral home staff, clergy and attendees. This includes while riding in a limousine.

* Physical contact (hugging, hand shaking, etc.) is discouraged.

* The use of common areas is restricted. Our lounge and children's room are currently closed, and attendees are discouraged from gathering in the foyer or family rooms.

* Communal food and beverages should not be provided. The funeral home will continue to provide bottled water.

* All frequently touched surfaces throughout the facility (doorknobs, handles, etc.) are frequently cleaned and are disinfected.

* Hand sanitizer, handwashing facilities, tissues and waste baskets are provided in multiple, convenient locations.

* Live streaming of services is available.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding holding or attending services, please don't hesitate to call us at 502-223-3481.